Posse Foundation Mentorship Training

After 6 years of heavy recruitment, of dodging and weaving the Office of Multicultural Affairs, I finally decided to serve as a Posse Mentor under the auspices of the Posse Foundation.  Posse was founded almost 2 decades ago, and it is a merit based scholarship program for students under-represented at Traditionally White Institutions of Higher Learning.  So I have 10 students from NYC that I will be mentoring for their 4 years in college.  The week-long training simply revealed to me that I stay true to myself and that I should expect the unexpected.  

Biggie Smalls Tribute at Venom Vintage

We all miss Biggie big time. So every time his birthday comes around is a reason to celebrate. For 2016, emcee and graf writer, Dina Brass, hosted a such an event at her store Venom Vintage. With DJ NEB and other musicians holding it down by reproducing Biggie beats live for emcees and spoken word poets to express themselves. 

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