Global Hip Hop in the College Classroom: A Teaching Collaboration

I often treat the summer as a time to decompress from a long academic year, travel the country and abroad to visit friends and family, and conduct research, writing… pretty much anything but teaching. But after traveling to Russia and coming face to face with a die-hard hip hop community that was seriously interested in hip hop education at the university/college level, I started to rethink my summer plans a bit. 

This summer I will be co-teaching my “INTS 344: Global Hip Hop Cultures” with hip-hop artist, activist, educator and entrepreneur Self Suffice the RaPoet. I first met Suffice seven years ago through the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival. Since then I’ve worked with him as a co-organizer and mentor of the festival, but also as an educator, bringing him into my hip-hop related classes for guest lectures and workshops. It first started in 2012 with my course “FYSM: Intro to Hip Hop” where Self Suffice schooled my first-year students on the aesthetics and politics of rhyming and battling. Two years later, in 2014, he came through to the same course to discuss the history of hip hop. And this past semester he was a guest lecturer in my INTS 344 class where he spoke on the origins hip hop and its importance for understanding global hip-hop formations. The collaborative efforts, however, were short-lived and I always thought it would be dope to bring our overlapping and divergent hip hop lenses into the college classroom over the course of a full semester. Add all of this to the fact that we spent a week together in Russia building with various hip hop communities in three different cities on a hip hop exchange program called, “Under the Curtain: Hip Hop Knowledge Seminar” and I can rightfully say that Suffice and I needed to form like Voltron. The Trinity College Summer Institute has provided us with a unique opportunity to see that idea come to fruition.  

From May 31 to July 13, 2017, Suffice and I will be teaching a global hip hop seminar course open to college students, adults, and high school seniors.  

If interested, go HERE for all the information you need. Registration closes on May 17th. 

Or call us directly at: 860-631-7277

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